Taxi fares

Taxi fares of the city of Frankfurt

Regulation on the transport charges and conditions of carriage for taxis in Frankfurt am Main. On the basis of § 51 paragraph 1 of the Passenger Transport Act in the version of 08.08.90 (BGBl. I p.1691), last amended by law of 26.8.98 (BGBl. I p.22521) in conjunction with § 2 of the VO on the responsibilities under the Passenger Transport Act of 10 October 1997 (GVBl. I p.370) are prescribed:

  • The transport charges and conditions for carriage of taxes set out in this Ordinance apply to the mandatory driving area of ​​the City of Frankfurt am Main (Section 47 (4) PBefG).
  • The compulsory driving area of ​​the city Frankfurt am Main covers the traffic area of ​​the former Frankfurt traffic and tariff association GmbH (FVV), and is limited in the north by Friedberg, in the east limited by Hanau, in the south limited by Goddelau-Erfelden, in the west limited by Wiesbaden , Excluded is the traffic area belonging to the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the administrative area of ​​responsibility of the city of Friedberg.
  • On the relevant provisions of the Passenger Transport Act
    and the Ordinance on the Operation of Motor Vehicles in Personnel Transport (BOKraft), and in particular § 47 (2) PBefG, according to which taxes may be provided on public roads or squares only in the municipality in which the business premises of the entrepreneur are located.

The transport charge consists of the basic price, the charge for the distance traveled, the fee for a possible – also traffic-related – waiting time and a possible large-capacity taxi surcharge.

  1. The basic price per journey is
    daily from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm € 2.75,
    daily from 22.00 to 6.00 € 3,25.
  2. The distance charge for journeys in the mandatory area is
    a) in time zone 1 for the first 10 km 0.10 € per 60.61 m (= about 1.65 € per km) and then 0.10 € per 72.46 m (= about 1.38 € per km )
    b) in the time zone 2 for the first 10 km 0,10 € each 57,14 m (= about 1,75 € per km) and then 0,10 € each 65,36 m (= about 1,53 € per km ).
    2.1 Time zone 1 is daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm
    Time Zone 2 is open daily from 10pm to 6am.
    2.2 The distance is calculated from the starting point to the destination. Travel costs within the
    City of Frankfurt am Main are not charged.
  3. The fee for waiting time – also due to traffic – amounts to
    a) in the time zone 1 € 0.10 per 17.14 seconds (= around € 21.00 per hour),
    b) in the time zone 2 € 0.10 per 12.86 seconds (= around € 28.00 per hour). The mandatory waiting time for a break is 30 minutes.
  4. For trips with large-capacity taxis, for the carriage of more than four
    Persons (without driver) are admitted, a supplement of € 7.00 is payable if more than four persons (without driver) are transported at the same time. This surcharge must be declared from the beginning to the end of the journey using the surcharge indicator on the fare indicator. It may only be requested if a corresponding supplement has been entered in the approval certificate and the excerpt from the approval certificate and a reference to this provision in the form of a sticker in German and English has been affixed clearly visible in the large-capacity taxi. § 5 No. 5 remains unaffected by this regulation.
  1. If a journey can not be carried out after the order has been placed by the passenger and the vehicle has been provided by the vehicle driver for reasons for which the passenger is responsible, the basic price must be paid.
  2. The driver may ask for an advance in the amount of the estimated fare prior to departure.
  3. Passengers must reimburse the costs of any damage or contamination caused by you.
  4. Wedding and funeral escorts performed with specially prepared taxis (such as decorating) are not subject to this tariff.
  5. Taxi drivers who have passed an examination as tourist guides in front of the Frankfurt Tourist Board and the (former) Tourist Office of the City of Frankfurt am Main or an authority designated by the licensing authority may conduct sightseeing tours in accordance with these tariff regulations. A corresponding identity card must be carried and presented on request. The fare for the standard route of the city tour (Appendix 4) is € 78.00. If the city tour starts at Frankfurt Airport and ends in the city, the fare is € 90.00. If the city tour starts and ends at Frankfurt Airport, the fare is € 105.00. For city tours that deviate from the standard route, regardless of the distance traveled, a fee of € 38.00 per hour applies. The passenger must be informed before starting the city tour. Taxis that are occupied by a driver entitled to sightseeing tours must be identifiable for the passenger (Annex 5).

Special arrangements for the compulsory course may be approved if:

  • a certain period, a minimum number of trips or a minimum monthly turnover,
  • the order of the transport market is not disturbed and
  • the conditions of carriage and transport charges have been agreed in writing.

Written permission by the Municipal Authority of the City of Frankfurt am Main.